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Wall Decor with a Past Life: CreepyKraftCreations

'CreepyKraftCreations', an exotic emporium of one-of-a-kind oddities, creepy curiosities, taxidermy treasures and abnormal arts!

Hi, we are Lindsay and Jason! Our business, Creepy Kraft Creations, was officially formed in January 2016. We both have a bit of a creative background, and collectively have always been intrigued or attracted to unique art forms. We started studying different specimens and making taxidermy/bone decor solely as a hobby, additionally with intentions to decorate and give a more personal touch to our own home. Shortly after, we ended up accumulating more pieces than we could possibly utilize. (yes, we ran out of wall and cabinet space - oops!). After much contemplation and encouragement from our loved ones, we decided to take the plunge and bring our little hobby to the next level. We created an online shop and continue to try to get involved with local vendor events. Our goal is to share our pieces with people worldwide! We truly enjoy creating our one-of-a-kind pieces, and we never replicate so that each creation is entirely unique. It is an amazing feeling to meet and talk to people who actually admire and wish to display the things we have created!

Creepy Kraft Creations will be vending on Sunday of An Odd Holiday, and you can shop their online store here.

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