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Gross Vintage Recipes

What happens when you take "Throw Back Thursday" a little too seriously? You get Throw UP Thursday! We spoke to Nick Sausley of Pickle's Pickles about a disgusting and exciting new project.

I was part of a Facebook Group / Page called "Advertising in the 60s and 70s". I followed that because I'm really interested in the art and style of the ads from the past. One thing this group would do is post gross recipes every Thursday and call it "Throw Up Thursday". These pictures and recipes completely got my attention. I had so many questions. "Who was writing these?" "Where did they come from?" "Did people actually make these?" "Did they enjoy them?" And the biggest question I had was " What do these recipes taste like?" I wanted to see if I could recreate these recipes and the ads that go along with them.

For some reason, my girlfriend Tammy agreed to make and taste them with me. I posted to the group about the idea, and I got some initial support there. I was only doing it for a week before I discovered the group was gone, so I made a dedicated Facebook page called Gross Vintage Recipes.

So far we have tackled: "Frosted Ribbon Loaf" which is basically an egg and ham salad double decker sandwich on unsliced bread. Mixed with green olives, topped with cream cheese and covered with parsley- it tasted like a creamy garbage dump with leaves. The next one was truly horrifying. "Monterey Souffle Salad" is comprised of lemon jello mixed with mayo, tuna, green olives, and pimentos; then topped with more tuna, mayo, and an olive and formed into a bundt cake pan. It tasted like fish snot brined in sweat from dirty socks. One of the most disgusting things I've ever eaten. We both spit it out. The third dish we tried was called a "Corn Paddycake" and to make it even worse Campbells canned Beef Broth in a glass with ice to drink. The paddycake didn't seem gross just an odd combination. Take raw dough, yellow american cheese, diced tomatoes, salami, and the last bit confused me. Just take a can of corn, heat it up, and dump it in the middle of it. No seasonings or anything. It didn't taste bad ,but just like the recipe it was confusing. It just doesn't go well together. The broth on the other hand was vile. Please warm up your broth!

I can't wait to see what we can do in the future. The more disgusting the better. Tammy doesn't agree with me on that part. We are going to try to post them every other Thursday. I'll always announce a few days before we are going to do it. We've gained a little bit of interest so far and it's pushing us to go even further. So thank you to the original group and the people supporting us!

You can follow Nick and Tammy's gross food adventure on Facebook and Instagram.

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