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Sean's Road to Recovery.

If you have attended any Jersey City Oddities Market to date- chances are you've met Sean and Sammi of Brain Fever Artwork. Two of the most reliable, kind, and friendly vendors- it was no surprise how quickly they became not only staple artists within the market, but wonderful friends.

On July 22nd, Sean was in a horrible motorcycle accident that could have claimed his life- but he made it out losing only his lower right leg. Sammi is now organizing a fundraiser to help with the medical expenses.

From Sammi:

"This is for my amazing boyfriend Sean. On July 22 at 12:07 in the morning, he had a motorcycle accident that could have taken his life. Thank goodness, it only took his lower right leg and left him with a broken femur and a fractured ankle, but he has not been awake since the accident. He has a very long road ahead of him, and he will be in the hospital for months. Then, he will start rehab as well as physical therapy. He has approximately(at least) 3 more surgeries. This is life changing for him. Sean is an amazing man, and everyone who meets him can't help but love him. I have never met someone as kind and sweet as him. He truly has a beautiful heart. He is a huge animal lover, and he has 7 bearded dragons, 1 pixie frog, 2 leopard geckos, 2 tarantulas, and a cute little dog Xena. As Bobby Bahfanabalaminga, Sean was part of La Familia Wrestling and would tag team with Joey Da Bull. After he stopped wrestling, he volunteered with Fundraiser Wrestling, a charity organization that puts on wrestling shows to help any one in need. Now, my kind hearted boyfriend needs help of his own. Sean will have a lot of medical bills and other medical expenses. He has been strong so far, but I just want him to worry about getting better. I kindly ask for any help we can get for him. Sean is the love of my life, and I don't know what I would do with out him."

You can contribute to the gofundme campaign here.

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